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We the undersigned petition Barnet Council to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
accept the High Court ruling overturning its parking charges for CPZ residentsDavid Attfield25 April 20141105
Change the parking regulations to allow for 30 minutes free parking and cash payment in Council car parks and Barnet High Street.Duncan Macdonald 3 May 2014318
put up 20 mph speed limit road signs in local roads around our schools by January 2014. We, the children of Barnet are asking Barnet Council to help make our journey to school safer and protect us from speeding cars by introducing a 20 mile per hour speed limit and looking at other ways to encourage drivers to slow down to enable us to walk and cycle to school without fear of being knocked down by speeding cars. We are asking that the Local Authority put up 20mph signs in our local streets by January 2014 and make sure drivers don’t ignore them with the help of regular speed checks. “20mph zones are very effective at preventing injuries and RoSPA would like to see their wider use in residential areas. 20mph zones significantly decrease the risk of being injured in a collision through reducing vehicle speeds. Their greater use, especially in residential areas, would help to reduce the number of traffic injuries in the UK.” The Society for the Prevention of Accidents, November 2012Sonya Karafistan 9 May 201428
put in traffic calming measures by the zebra crossing on Stonegrove by Grove Road in Edgware.Mrs Anuta Rosenfelder10 May 201441
reduce the speed limit to 20mph on North End Rd NW11Mrs Katherine Travers12 May 2014314
Instal safe crossing points on Wykeham road and Prothero Gardens, appropriate signage and traffic calming measuresVesselina Seitoar10 June 2014143
Install a zebra crossing on Edgwarebury Lane near the junction with Purcells avenueLisa Paris22 June 20141
Implement a controlled residential parking scheme on Naylor and Birley Road (N20) and any other residential areas around Totteridge and Whetstone Tube station where resident parking is badly affected by non-resident parking.John Smith 7 July 201412
Please look at a way to reduce the speed on Pollard Road to 20mphJay Dello 9 July 20141
Friern Barnet Community Library a longer lease up to its centenary in 2034Reema Patel29 July 2014110
1. Do all within its power to secure the restoration of routine breast screening services at Finchley Memorial Hospital as soon as is possible. 2. To set up a cross-party delegation to lobby for the provision of a static breast screening unit at Finchley Memorial Hospital. 3.To ask the Cabinet Member to ensure that future decisions regarding removal of services are communicated to all stakeholders and the public before they are implemented.Sarah Sackman30 September 2014129
Protect Bury Farm Edgware from being developed into a golf course.Errol Fadil 8 October 20142000
refuse the resubmitted application to the proposed development of Church Walk House, Church Walk, NW2Adam Phillips13 December 2014227
Retract the Residence Parking Restrictions in NW4. We never wanted it and we can not afford it.imran kadiri 6 January 20151
protect pedestrians, particularly our children and vulnerable people, from speeding traffic on Victoria Road. We propose the introduction of an enforced 20mph speed limit on Victoria Road along with a safe place to cross and request that Barnet Council look at additional ways to encourage drivers to slow down. We must not wait for serious injury or fatality to occur before Barnet Council takes action.Mrs Cate Fairbanks24 January 2015193
please provide extra parkingmr.mavji rabadia 4 February 20151
to support the community in its campaign to keep Alexandra Parade Post Office openReema Patel17 February 201547

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